Will you friendship with me?

I only just had a revelation that I should have had ages ago. Remember when we were young and would chat on MIRC and the guys would say will you friendship with me? Or on orkut? Well sending someone a friend request on facebook is still asking that same stupid question! Without the bad grammar. I have consistently refused all such requests throughout my life. If I didn’t personally know the person already I would not even deign the other with a reply. Why bother since I am not their friend and have no interest in being one? Anyway, coming into mid-twenties, I have just made the biggest exception to that rule by accepting a friendship request on facebook from a stranger. Why you may ask? The reasons are simple:

  1. I am single and no longer want to be
  2. He is hot, or let’s say his profile picture is hot
  3. His info page has the right kind of details and he passes for a normal guy who would have sufficiently in common with me
  4. We have a mutual friend who is also nice and normal and whose friends are likely to be like her

Guys there it is. If you want to add on someone purely on the basis of their profile pic, tweak your own profile so she can see what would be of interest to her. Although if you don’t know her, then you have no clue what she’s interested in so I guess it’s still hit and miss.

So stranger dude added on to my list, I wondered what he would do next. Hopefully send a nice simple message, introducing himself, possibly evoking the mutual friend, and making the whole message easy to reply to. So what did stranger dude do? Sent me a message saying ‘hey’. Now ‘hey’ is absolutely pointless. It gives no lead for further conversation, it is wasted in a facebook message because the communication is not instantaneous and conveys his awkwardness.

At the moment, I am unsure about what to do. If he weren’t so cute, I would give up and remove him from my friends’ list. Yes my superficiality knows no bounds but what more can I base my decisions on at the beginning of a cyber friendship? 🙂


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