Love and the City


This has got to be the most unbelievably romantic wedding picture I have ever seen. I mean what could beat a romantic stroll around Tower Bridge? What strikes me here is that the bride and groom achieve a certain nonchalance that I never achieved in London. Or maybe I did, but I don’t remember, my romances never quite having made it to the ‘stroll around London in a wedding dress’ stage. I am impressed at the the calm the photographer captured at a busy crowded wedding (that I had attended) and in this busy crowded city (that I have lived in).

Then again, this picture is the romance of London. If you ask me which is the most romantic city in the world, the answer used to be Karachi. And now it is London. What can I do if I find romantic the places where I find love? I don’t feel that way about Paris. I mean it has the river and the lights and the Eiffel Tower which is a big hulk of metal. So what? London has all that and more. Ok no Eiffel Tower but other big hulks of twisted metal.

To me, romance is the lights of Tower Bridge, walking along Embankment, Jubilee Bridge and Bankside on a late-night whim with Mr. Bond, climbing up onto the rooftops of College Hall or LSE to see the lights, name the buildings, smoke and make-out, deserted and windy Canary Wharf with it’s imposing shiny buildings reflecting on the river on a cold weekday night, first date in a patisserie in Leicester Square, the second in a bar in Covent Garden, the rain and refusing to share an umbrella, I could go on and on. But I must take my hat off to the ultimate in city love: wedding photography in the City.


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