Here’s lookin’ at you kid

Twenty-five may well be the age at which I really started appreciating my youth. I guess I am old enough to understand that I am not that young and young enough to feel like 30 and beyond is far away.

It’s the time to realise (with a jolt ofcourse) that time does fly by quickly and that we better enjoy it or it will pass us by. Just like the teenage years went by and so did the fun university years. But this is the time to be young and adult at the same time. Grown-up with no heavy responsibilities and yet cash to spend. The time when the body can still take the late nights but only for partying. When the friends around the world can finally afford to come visit and the dreams we worked towards are becoming reality.

And also, this is the time to enjoy the easy beauty of youth. That’s not to say that we weren’t beautiful before or that we won’t be later. But teenage-hood beauty was so unsure at times and a little strange and savage in its excesses. Twenty at times didn’t know what to do with its beauty and stayed stuck in its notions of fashion gleaned from people with more entrenched opinions. Twenty also did not know how to live up to its own reputation. With twenty-five though, with twenty-five it’s easy. It’s like putting on the red lipstick that you never did and feeling like ‘sexy’ is who you have always been. It’s like throwing together clothes confident in the knowledge that everything looks good since it’s your age that’s in fashion. It’s the natural flair with which you charm and smile, the laughter, the enjoyment of attention without needing it. It’s the ability to appreciate and admire the admirer. It’s not comparing and contrasting, but seeing beauty everywhere, being the beholden and the beholder. So far, twenty-five has brought that calm beauty; here’s to living the rest of you.


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