I’m staying in on Friday night

Summer here was just perfect. I consider myself a summer girl so I was pretty happy when the sunny summer continued into my September and even my October. It was still here on my London weekend when I got the perfect warm sunny weather without the wind. It was still here last weekend as I remember being out and about until early Saturday morning as happy as a warm bunny can be. And now the weather has decided to fast forward into the 10 degrees and below. And the wind has made sure all the leaves are gone. And I have been caught without gloves or a hat every day of week. And my hair perpetually has had the ‘bed head’ look. Which I quite like but I’m not sure how appropriate it is for the office.

I remember a boyfriend of mine once telling me that he liked the winters best. It was one of the most friggin cold winters my city has ever seen, and whilst we were in the courtship phase, it was really hormones I guess that kept us venturing out of our houses to see each other. And the warmth of hormones probably asked for some romance because we even sat on a bench by the lake underneath the yellow lights. I do remember being so cold. And then we would go find a cafe or a McDonalds (which was all we could afford) and warm up. I told him that I liked summer because it is just so simply easy to go out and enjoy yourself. And he told me that he liked winter because you can enjoy going indoors and warming up. I remember having this discussion over a hot chocolate in a café, trying to get my hands warm, and it wasn’t working very well. I wasn’t too convinced.

But tonight, after rushing around this entire cold and busy week of early starts and late nights, I’m happy Friday is almost here. I hope I don’t get drawn into seeing friends after work just for a quick catch-up, and then wind up coming home late. I’m aiming to get home at a decent time and having a nice meal and curling up in my warm bed with only the yellow lamp on and reading books and writing. I’m going to enjoy the winter indoors Friday night.


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