My favourite posts of all time

This post has been a long time in the making because I had been thinking of adding the blogs that I read on the blogroll below and also reviewing them at the same time. So I will start at the beginning with the very first blog I started reading. Which also naturally leads me to one of the best posts of all time.

I started reading Jammie’s Jar in 2005. She is an incredible writer (content as well as style wise), who really inspired me through her life and writings and whose blog has been a companion in my life since. Dungeons and dragons is one of her most awesome posts dating from back then. I guess it struck a chord then and it has just stayed with me.

Now for the next topic, babies are boring, right? I would agree generally and claim that there are some exceptions here and there. Which is why it is so surprising that I got hooked on Jammie’s baby blog so fast. And then some more. I suggest reading a few baby blogs here and there because if you are planning on having kids someday, it’s good to know how these different moms feel. It certainly gave me a sneak preview of all the stuff I had no idea about and I am grateful for that. I think the decision to have a baby will be a much more informed one now rather than something that just happens to me. The other incredible role model mommy is the Mad Momma. Totally mad and totally amazing in her own right because no one compares to her. She writes about a variety of issues and just to give you a taste, I am linking to another most fabulous post of all time: Jasmine at Midnight. It is such a good read, I’m not even going to describe it.

Next come all those whom I discovered through Jammie, including Khizzy and Post2am. There is definitely something very special about Khizzy and her blog which is probably why I hear it is so famous. Even though our lives are pretty different and I can’t always relate to her, it is wonderful to hear about pretty much everything she does and cheer her along the way. I am also just going to link to  an all-time favourite post by Post2am called Keys to happiness. Struck a chord with me and she tells it like it is and so well.

I’m not done but this is all I’m going to write for now. Yes this is only blogs’ review part 1, and who knows what else I may feel like reviewing when I’m in the mood.


2 thoughts on “My favourite posts of all time

  1. oh wow- im so touched. thanks for the very amazing words . i think maybe why thats one blogs so that one some level the words go out there and ring a bell with someone else. keep reading i think its this exact recognition that keeps me inspired also 🙂

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