Recently, I realised that some of my colleagues at the UN actually believe in the importance of the work they do. This made me wonder if this was the norm and whether most people believed in their work. And if that is so, then why exactly have I been so sceptical about that? I should be honoured to work in an area that is dedicated to improving the world that we live in, a workplace that espouses noble sentiments and values. I guess I just didn’t think that such an ideal was possible on such a large scale.

The cynic in me has hope though. The other day, I was having lunch with my supervisor and a colleague of another organisation. We talked about how organic agriculture has the potential to benefit health, environment and economics, and the reasons the general public isn’t aware of that. I was very impressed to learn that my supervisor actually believed in the organic agriculture initiatives he is promoting. Not that I had thought that he was lying before, but I thought he was just working in the role of the project coordinator. What choice does he have but to coordinate?

As for me, well I believe in it too. I am blessed to be working with passionnate people in an area that inspires me. What can I say but God bless us and our hope and faith in the world and may they remain with us no matter what we endure.


4 thoughts on “Work

  1. sharbet says:

    It is the view right when you come out of Canary Wharf station. Well spotted. And you’re right, I’m not in NYC. 🙂

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