Blog Review No 2

This time I shall start with more classic blogs. The Artsaypunk is a guy who I used to read way back in 2005. He’s Canadian and used to live in Pakistan then; and my were his posts hilarious. The truth is that although I like to type ‘lol’, I dont usually laugh out loud when reading. But this guy had me laughing out loud in the office which was pretty embarassing. Although he doesn’t blog too frequently anymore, I recommend going around there to check out his old stuff. I used to love his writings on Karachi, so much so, that I got all nostalgic and went to Pakistan to work for awhile.

Another one from those times is iamwatercolor who writes amazing poetry; and it all looks so effortless and easy. I also recommend reading her old stuff because she doesn’t seem to be writing there anymore.

Having got hooked on to Xeb‘s blog, I am linking it for providing fun and frequent insight into her life. Very very relatable and well-written, she totally entertains and charms.

For those non-Pakistani readers interested in Pakistani politics (and yes I know you are), nothing can beat Fiverupees. Three guys in three different countries giving you an earful of their well-articulated opinions. The discussions that happen in the comments section are even better than the posts sometimes so head over there now and get informed. Along the same lines, I am going to recommend Cyril Almeida, a Dawn (Pakistani newspaper) editorial writer and op-ed columnist who is very well informed and  also provides good insight into issues.

Now for those readers who are interested in Middle Eastern politics and especially Lebanese politics, head over to Deen Sharp‘s blog. From the days when we went to university together and barely discussed politics, Deen has continued to be a well-travelled and well-read guy. Good to read your stuff  in the blogging world dude. Head over there if you would like to read about another part of the world from someone who lives there but can present it to you in a familiar way.

That’s it for round 2 folks. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Blog Review No 2

  1. Hey there, thanks for the link. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog back in the day. I really enjoyed writing it. Did I actually help inspire your decision to go back in work in Karachi for a while? Cool.

    I’m attempting a relaunch of the blog at the moment. So expect a few more Karachi stories before I peter out again.


    • sharbet says:

      You’re welcome and yes it made me wonder why I should let you have all the fun there! I wound up in Lahore thouhg but it was a great experience. I’m looking forward to more posts from you. 🙂

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