Moving On

The leaves are falling in the garden like snow. Literally, it’s like the sky is raining colour. I had some breakthroughs today. Firstly, I finally stopped reverting to youtube for all my music and opened up my music on itunes for the first time in almost a year. I hadn’t been able to go back to my itunes songs ever since I moved from my old city. Nor had I been able to bring myself to clear out the old songs to replace them with new ones. There are way too many and too much labour went in collecting them all. I know, I could make playlists but I am so used to just leaving it on shuffle. I still don’t listen to the old ones though. I downloaded Kings of Leon and Paolo Nutini and so far absolutely no regrets. 🙂 They are both awesome. In the summer, I had only attended concerts, Kings of Leon included. But never really listened to any music other than on the radio when driving. It’s like I didn’t want a soundtrack to influence my thoughts, they felt fresh and less cluttered without it. I still won’t be using my mp3 player but it’s nice to have a soundtrack for hanging out in my room on the weekend.

I also took out a new, bright pink accessory to wear. And I’ve pulled out my favourite vanilla perfume from the packaging after nearly a year when I received it on my birthday. I made the borrowing truce with my sister and she is again allowed to use my straighteners and borrow my scarves. I am clearing out the art, pictures and poster stash and putting it up in my room along with the fairy lights. In this spirit, I should just as well and get on with writing a few emails that have been pending for years. I am absolutely yearning to take my camera around town and start clicking my city at night-time. I am in love with city lights especially the yellow hues. Since I am in the sharing mood, below are a few of my Canary Wharf pictures.


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