Economic Research and Social Development Network (ERSDN) Conference 2009 is a scam

I’m hoping that people who have received an email from a supposed institute called ERSDN will google it first and come upon this post. This is a scam to trick people into thinking that they will be attending a prestigious conference in Canada and the US for free. These scammers target developing country individuals hoping to tempt them with free travel, so beware.

All the participant has to do is pay a measly registation fee and all other travel and accomodation costs will be covered. Don’t pay the registration fee, and better yet don’t give your details to any of these ‘free’ conferences. Under normal circumstances, legitimate conference organisers don’t cover participants’ travel and accomodation costs no matter how kind. They only usually pay invited speakers to attend. This fake ERSDN’s website is very good and looks legitimate but if you click on the links, you’ll see you can’t download a single publication or get an in-depth story on any topic. It is not possible to get through to them on any of the phone numbers so don’t be fooled by the effort they put into this scam! Here is their fake site:

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