Where the yellow and blue and white collide

As it may be known, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed of late. I am still definitely feeling the need to warp myself in a blanket cuddled against that special warm someone and watch a movie or two. Go to sleep and then wake up to a yummy brunch in the morning. Eat with the winter sunshine coming through the windows. Walk around on the carpeted floor and read and write lounging in cream and brown cushions and throws during the day. Maybe even draw and make some gift boxes and cards to send. Use colour pencils and pastel crayons. Paint is messy, but why not, put thick bright oil paint on mini canvases to put up on the walls. Or just take to a certain part of the wall with glitter. I have always wanted to put gold glitter on to a corner of a cream wall. Do all this surrounded by soft brightness and most of all s-l-o-w-l-y so I can savour the moments. No need to rush, no need to be someplace else and most of all no one talking in the background of stuff yet to be done. Maybe it’s a good thing I am taking a trip in December. It’ll be good to get away from my own schedule and to-do lists and go to a place where time slows down with the transport and communication. Where there may not be much to do other than read books. Where I can indulge my sensory senses and just take pictures to my hearts content without explaining. Where warm sunshine on the sea makes it sparkle so bright as the yellow and blue and white collide.


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