LA LA LA I can’t hear you

I guess I had thought that I could always stay far away from extended family politics. The distance made me think I was immune. I am a distant sort of person anyway; it suits me. That’s why I don’t think I should ever get famous. I don’t think I could handle it. I only like to give certain types of information and only in my own words. But people seem to generally hunger for information. It may well be my personality type but I don’t really understand that. I mean real celebrities, sure, I get why it may be interesting to read about some mishap of theirs. But I have never made a habit of it and I avoid the ‘trashy’ sections in the free newspapers. The cheap information floating around saddens and troubles me. I don’t really want to know want to know about random people’s personal lives. If I care about them, I’d rather they tell me on their own. I’d rather hear it because we are friends and because friends trust each other.

So why am I writing the above about gossip? Because I am dating my cousin’s brother-in-law. There I said it. As possessive as I am about information, in this scenario I have no control over it. I might as well grit my teeth and expose myself. Talk to people who don’t necessarily care nor listen properly but who think they have a right to know. Or talk to people I don’t necessarily care about or listen to. And then hear them talk and take everything in stride. Have the sangfroid of a desert island dweller. I had always thought I’d end up with someone as far away from extended family as possible. Yikes, what the hell am I getting myself into?


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