To write or not to write

In truth, I did not start a blog to write about happy-go-lucky stuff. I started in order to vent. I have opinions – loads of them – and I thought that I should stop being lazy and not let them fester inside me but instead just get them out. It was for health reasons let’s say. I have shared this information on the blog before that sharing is daunting to me. So when I saw that some people actually read the blog(!), I refrained from giving the hard-edged views. Goodness knows why I remain so private and anonymous. So here I am taking another big step and sharing some plans online.

I saw this video on Khizzy’s blog and it re-enforced an idea that I have had for awhile, a desire to do something even if it ends up being just for me. Do go ahead and check it out, it’s a talk on the Single Story by a Nigerian author called Chimamanda Adichie. She explains how getting only a single story of a certain country, continent or people reinforces a stereotype and why that’s negative. Anyway, putting that into context, I was sad that the sufferring of Pakistan just isn’t making headlines the way other tragic incidents do. I haven’t seen any Western media taking the view that this war is taking its toll on the Pakistani people. Maybe I haven’t looked around on the news enough but there is a limit to how much I can read about this. At first, I really wanted a show of sympathy; I wanted at least one non-Pakistani friend of mine (of which I have many) to ask me if everyone I knew there was okay. I would still like some sobriety, some respect given, a few minutes of silence. We shouldn’t get used to it no matter what so it has to be marked somehow. Maybe we can honour the dead as martyrs when this war is over and the State can remember a day to collectively remember the price we paid in this war.

For now though, I thought it would be a good idea to compile happy, positive stories on Pakistan. A story of a moment, a dinner an outing, travels, adventures, everyday stuff like trips to the tailor, the shopping mall, ex-pat and foreigner’s visiting stories gathered from different people and categorised so we can create another picture and show it. It’s not meant to be the only picture but the happy picture deserves it’s own special place. It’s like Khizzy said about the reason why she blogs and continues putting out ‘another story’. I thought the best way of reaching out where I am would be by making a facebook page with all this information so that all my non-Pakistani friends could see it. I thought the blog wouldn’t be a good medium because it isn’t known enough and it’s anonymous so it doesn’t have a real face for people to talk to. Plus there are already many Pakistani stories being shared on the net via other blogs, I just want to bring them all together to my own friends via facebook and I could provide links for more information.

So there it is folks, just an idea and I have no clue what will become of it. I will probably wait until I get back from Pakistan next year with some written and photographic material to see if I can do this. And now over to you, what do you think of this, have you felt an itch to do something, and if yes, then what?


5 thoughts on “To write or not to write

  1. It sounds like a good concept. However, people usually just want to read the sensational stuff. But I guess if it’s put out well it would work. I agree that you need a face to go along with the stories you would provide.

    So you can do this AND the bloggers sex and the city. Perfect.

  2. sharbet says:

    Thanks for the feedback! You know I had considered starting a blog a la sex and the city awhile back. But the desi girl looking for a guy theme has so been done. And although my expereinces can be funny and entertaining, my male friend didn’t think I got around enough to have Carrie Bradshaw potential. Hmph.

  3. Hahaha that’s ok. Between you, me and some other bloggers who will join us, I’m sure we have enough interesting stories to match Samantha even.

    Also, I don’t know if you checked the comments on my blog recently but someone was really excited about hearing your stories. You *already* have a fan.

  4. sharbet says:

    Thanks I am flattered although I am not sure she was referring to me! Hey it’s your idea, go ahead and start, I can contribute a few. Who else do you have on board?

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