Straight from the ex’s mouth

The things that people say about you can certainly be  surprising. What comes from an ex’s mouth can be some potent stuff indeed. Add to that my insufferable obsession with the correct use of words.  I recently heard from the latest ex that I got everything I wanted. His exact encouraging words to me were “Have you thought about what you want to do yet? You seem to get everything you want so be creative.” Charming isn’t he? I think I am going to go ahead and believe him, share the same long-term memory loss and forget the amount I worried, cried and fretted over our relationship; how hard I tried and did not get what I want. Never mind the rest then, if the one that you didn’t get seems to think that you get everything. Life must be good if he sees it that way. And thank God for my happy-go-lucky ex for seeing me this way.


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