Blogging from the Transit Lounge

Because of my absence this had to be done. After all, blogging from an airport has to be the jet-setters ultimate hobby right? Having visited three cities in 2 weeks in Pakistan I’m going to call myself one. Yes my body is suffering for it, my mind, I do not yet know. As jet-setters do, I had about 10 hours in total in transit and I am now itching to get on the plane for the longer but final leg of my journey home.

Travel tales will be told later but here is what it is like to be in transit at Riyadh airport: boring. The best thing if you are female are the female prayer rooms which are understood to be sleeping rooms. The men have no room but a carpeted area which is too brightly lit for a good sleep. Feeling extremely nauseous after the first plane ride I headed straight to the prayer room to crash. I left an hour later unable to sleep because of two desi women who insisted on talking loudly whilst putting a kid to sleep in the quiet corner. Long story short, I discovered a nice friendly fellow traveller to chat with, a doctor with a medical kit for those feeling poorly and nauseous, a free wi-fi connection and fresh juice. And a prayer room that quietened down in the wee hours. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I spent my time in transit.


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