Best of 2009/Where I am now

I am copying Khizzy and Jammie and also doing this tag. It seems like a fun way to remember how far I have come. It seems especially appropriate given the most recent decision to move back to London in April. I guess it was somewhere there at the end of the 2009, a nagging feeling that it would be nice to go back. It was just an inkling then, but pretty soon it demanded that it be taken seriously and asserted itself as the only option my heart desired. Well who’d have known?

A year ago, I didn’t want to leave London, but once I did and got settled in again, it was awesome. Summers in my town are awesome and I enjoyed my renegade jobless, penniless state to the full. My earnings from the previous job were spent on paying back a part of my loan but I didn’t mind because it’s fun being without responsibilities at your parents’ house. The angst in me calmed down and was replaced with gratitude. The new year had brought a new love and I hung on to him as he pulled me out of my misery and then promptly left, his job done. I made new friends and rediscovered cherished old friendships. I accepted my relegated position as just another part that makes up the clockwork of a household. Not that the household always worked like clockwork and of course I felt like I could do better if I were in charge, but I accepted my position in it nonetheless. I got a nice UN job and settled down into the routine.

Taking into account all the good moving back home did me, it was surprising and scary that I reached a point when I could not face another day at work, when I could not accept the status quo anymore. Something had to change and it had to change now. I could not take one step further. Maybe I should have planned ahead and should have recognised the signs earlier. But I didn’t. And so here I am getting ready to get up and leave again. I guess I’ve had enough of a rest here, maybe I need the adventure again and I surely need a challenge in what is quite a settled life. I was just getting comfortable here in life’s sofa, snug in its arms and it wants me to get up and push myself again. So be it then, here I am, wish me luck.

The best of 2009 prompts

Best Trip: Hard to choose but I guess it’ll have to be Karachi stradled over 2009 and 2010. I met up with my 2 good friends from London at their homes in Khi and got to share in the good times with their friends and families. Also staying at my oldest best friend’s place and hanging out with her friends and family in the most perfect Karachi winter is more than I could ask for. Also good because I got to meet my cousin and my newest baby nephew.

Restaurant moment: I’m going to change it to a pub moment. It was a get together of all these incredibly different people I know in London, friends old and new, who came to my leaving do in a pub in Covent Garden. It was so nice to have finally brought people together even if it was when I was leaving. We just hung out there and chatted for a few hours that Friday evening on a cold February day. Especially grateful to all those who showed up despite previous engagements.

Article: Hmmm I guess I’m going to replace this with best talk. It has to be on handling creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert on TED. A must-see.

Book: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Night out: Probably the first desi Bollywood night I have ever attended in this city. It was at White n Silver and it was with all my friends before 2 of them moved away. Although one of them was totally bummed out and didn’t enjoy it, I was giving it all I had and probably enjoyed it enough for all of us!

Blog find of the year: I started blogging in the last quarter of 2009 and through it found even more blogs to read and relate to. To name two new ones, it would be the Sheikh and Xeb, but I was also incredibly flattered to have the old favourites such as the Artsaypunk and Jammie reading and commenting. I may just be a novice at this but it feels like blogging has made me tap into this new reserve of friends and like-minded people that I have needed in my life.

Moment of peace: Some parts of this year have been incredibly peaceful and pleasureful but I would say my escape trip to London at T’s place in September, and my escape to T’s house in Karachi in December were incredibly moments of pure peaceful pleasure. Thanks T!

Challenge: Life in 2009 started as a challenge as I looked around for a new job and redifined myself. A big part of the challenge was keeping myself serene whilst everything around me changed. I guess that would also be my biggest accomplishment this year. I faced adverse circumstances and turned them into my favour with a positive attitude.

Concert: Although I went to all of 2 concerts this year to watch all of 3 bands play, I must say they were all awesome. Travelling in the summer to attend concerts must be one of life’s greateest pleasures. I didn’t listen to a whole lot of new music this year but DMB, Travis and Kings of Leon made up for it.

OK so I admit, I didn’t really follow the tag rules or do all of them but never mind, I remembered here the moments that I wanted to remember.


9 thoughts on “Best of 2009/Where I am now

  1. πŸ™‚ i think you did a splendid job. I usually hate tags- feel so pressured by them but this one i enjoyed because i was actually doing it as it appeared on each day- took the pressure of looking back in one go haha !

    • sharbet says:

      Thanks Jammie! Giving each one time would have been a good idea, I think I tried to do them all at once and got bored after the 5th one. Although, I kind of felt like taking stock of 2009 so now it’s done.

    • sharbet says:

      Thanks. I have changed themes about 5 times in the past 2 days. I wish I was techy enough to make my own like I wanted. Don’t worry, this one will probably go soon as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey, so i am here finally πŸ™‚ lets see how long ill stick around.
    love the blog babe, im so glad you caved πŸ™‚

    • sharbet says:

      yup it works! good to have u hear. and some constructive criticism is welcome too. πŸ™‚

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