Another one for best of 2009

Among the many categories I overlooked in the tag was ‘Change you made to the place you live’. Well here I took part in quite a few changes in my house, and since this is about being grateful for 2009, I must mention them here. In 2008, after my exams were over and I had started working, I painted my own room. My housemates and I also painted and redecorated the living room. I was determined to prettify my run-down but sunshiney Camden house one corner at a time. When Kate moved in, it became a lot easier as she transformed the place. It was easier to get the guys motivated with her there and when they weren’t helping, we’d just go ahead and clear out old junk and replace it or fix it or clean it. All these changes did not make it necessarily easier to live there though; Kate and I were both trying desperately to create something that just wasn’t found there. She was trying to make it a happy pre-marriage house with her boyfriend and I was trying to make it a peaceful, stable working girl’s house. Neither of those things were found there though and we got by just by having each other there. For me, she was pretty much the only person I liked in the house and she made it bearable. I hadn’t realised it then but for her I was one of the positives of living there. After I left, she didn’t last long and moved on too. How funny our friendships and how they influence other people’s relationships. To think that friends can make your romantic relationships bearable.

In 2009, back in my city and after the end of my own short affair, my sister helped me re-arrange my room. I hadn’t ever properly lived there and it was neglected and needed to be moulded more into my lifestyle. I did it keeping in mind that I would have company here soon enough and it should be friendly and practical. I wasn’t letting go of the past at that point but it helped me get by in a therapeutic sort of way.

The best results would have to be of the basement that I painted. I enlisted a good friend’s help this time and together we got some wonderful results. The idea I had of having a cosy basement since 2006 finally took life. I like to think that this was not just a desperate attempt like before to make something it was not. This time, I made it not to save myself but to make my parents’ house more comfortable. I wasn’t planning on staying there for very much longer, but I knew my friends were going to come and visit and stay there. I knew my parents’ guests sometimes stayed in the basement. I wanted it to be part of a nice family home where we could just troop downstairs with family and friends and read or watch movies or study or just hang out. As it is pretty big, I have put up pictures of the 4 corners of the room.


5 thoughts on “Another one for best of 2009

    • sharbet says:

      yes, yes i did. and before you say that’s crazy let me tell you that it was a very useful thing to do. there is an order to which new additions are put in there. i remember your post on the basement and i thought this one might interest you. although your basement sounds a lot cooler than this one is.

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