Gossip girl here

Gossip girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of…

Er ok, no not really, Gossip girl is not here but Sharbet here is definitely addicted to the show Gossip Girl. Many in my friends and family agree that it is a very addictive show but at this point in time, even Gossip Girl made me take a trip down memory lane and examine my past and present. I don’t think the makers of the show had intended that now, did they.

The first jolt came when I realised that these were 17-18 year old lives I was hooked on to and I have around 10 years of advance on them. Yet the characters are still completely relatable despite having more riches and exciting lives. Granted they do not act or live like any 17 year olds I have ever known. They act and look much older. I guess that’s what makes for a good show and I know these American teenage high-school series are intended for a much larger demographic than just a teenage audience. So I shouldn’t feel so silly for being so drawn into their lives right?

The thing is I also went to a high school that was commonly considered a dumping ground of kids for the filthy rich. Or that’s how I used to consider it. The other thing is I never wound up like Jenny Humphrey wanting to be a part of the crowd that wore Gucci and Prada and got their hair blow-dried from the salon every week. (In those days, I didn’t even know what hair straighteners were.) The unbelievably rich crowd mostly consisted of boarders at my expensive school. I was a day scholar and all the day scholars knew the price of boarding there was beyond our imaginations. I guess those boys and girls were just too different and it never even occurred to me to want to be like them. I remember scandals but I wasn’t into them. I wasn’t all that curious to find out more about their lives. I guess I was just a boring kid.

Also, there were other ‘it’ crowds, those of the well-rounded people who participated and organised the fashion shows, those who were known by the teachers for their good grades and congeniality, those who were part of the National Honours Society. That was the type I wanted to be and I guess I can thank God for my high school having all these all creative outlets and for valuing all kinds of achievements, on the sports fields, in the classrooms, on stage. It gave us a chance to be accepted and valued; those of us who had strict parents who wouldn’t let us party like crazy. Not that there weren’t tears and fighting over that but all in all I was pretty well-rounded even though I did not dress in the latest fashion. Sure I did some stuff that my parents were unaware of, but mostly, my life was relatively non-scandalous.

Fast-forwarding to the present, I wonder how many kids have been inspired by the show to create their own gossip blogs. My sources tell me that an international school (not the one I attended) in my city has sprouted its very own gossip girl. Apparently, people are mad that one of their friends is telling their tales online. I find this to be a most interesting social experiment. The latest I know is that the gossip girl’s identity was discovered pretty soon after she set up the blog but she has continued to write. I am itching to see what a real life gossip girl would write on the lives of her peers in one the private schools of my city. What are their scandals like? Would I at all be interested? Would it make me sad at what this world is coming to or would I be relieved that none of this is that bad?

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