How things have changed

It seems I have brought spring to London. Ever since I have been here the temperature has been relatively mild and the majority of days have been sunny. It is actually quite nice to be able to take my time and enjoy these days. Maybe I came here to catch the sun of all things. Things feel very different this time around. I am not crazy busy, juggling work, house cleaning, work, cooking and work. I get to spend weekends in a very leisurely fashion and the only reason i get up at 7 is because my cousin is loud when he leaves for school. Then I turn right over and sleep for a few more hours.

It turns out that I am not the only one time has changed. I met a wonderful friend of mine whom I used to live with at university who has gone through a stroke, had a baby and seen her parents go through divorce and her father get remarried. She is no longer the same person who taught me to apply make-up and introduced me to hair straighteners. In fact, she seems to be lost somewhere in quietness, and although her kindness is still tangible, her energetic warmth is buried. It was good to see her and her family all back on their feet and happy and my friend fully recovered alhamdulillah; but I guess part of the selfish me just wanted to see my friend exactly as I had left her.

Things have changed now that I walk these streets again but I am still reminiscing about the past, when I used to live in a crazy house in Camden where I was introduced to Mattafix. He is so ultimately London and this song is one of the Mattafix musts.

Note: The embedding doesn’t seem to be working so I’ll just paste the youtube link here:


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