Do you believe in a life after singlehood?

What lies beyond bachelorette-hood? What kind of life is there after the single years are over? What do you do when you achieve what once seemed like the most coveted status, that of girlfriend, fiancée or wife?

Recently, I had a random urge to watch Sex and the City again. This time around, Carrie wasn’t annoying as hell and I could actually relax and enjoy the show without over relating with any of the characters. At one point in my life, I had felt that my time spent single was so interminable long and my attempts to get out of it so ridiculously disastrous, that these episodes were worthy of a sex and the city style blog. A wise friend of mine pointed out that my experiences could not possibly match up to the four gals in the show and I would be awfully limited in my scenarios. On some level, I must have accepted what he had said, and I never tried to write that blog. But this post is about something else. It’s about what happens to you when you cross over to the other side and find ‘the one’. Well the show ends. It did with Sex and the City (although they came back for movies but that doesn’t count). It did with Cinderella, and that’s that.

In real life, does one feel overwhelmed with gratitude, relief and other strong emotions, that one is finally in a couple? My path hasn’t quite been like that. First I went through denial. I hung on to my single identity and reflexes. When you’re single, there are possibilities around every corner. Every next encounter could be a romantic one and every new cute guy possible potential. Coming out of that mind-frame took awhile. Getting  rid of the doubt took awhile too. Life had its own way of removing denial and doubt. It brought me to a point in time where I can say who I want to be with, with absolute conviction. I don’t feel the need to spend more time with my friends, living up the big city life. It would have been a great second choice, but my first choice is to get married and to live with my husband. And that’s what I’m getting. Engaged. 🙂


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