Cravings guaranteed

Since my last post was pretty sad, let me assure you now that this one talks of happier things. Well, one of the happiest topics anyway: food. Now, I never thought I was an avid food lover like some of my slightly larger relatives claim to be. Of course I enjoy some dishes immensely and I do like to eat more frequently in the day than some people, but it may be possible that food is on my mind because now I am supposed to be on a diet. Yes that’s it, I have to lose some weight. I am at least one size over what I was last summer and have trouble fitting into some clothes… ok so I can’t fit into any of my trousers.

Going on a diet (or thinking about going on a diet) has also made me realise that I am addicted to chocolate. I generally enjoy all kinds of deserts, but if it’s chocolate flavoured then all the better. I love all sorts of chocolate cakes, biscuits, breads. Until recently coco pops for breakfast were a morning ritual. For them I would get out of bed happily. Lord knows how I weaned myself off that one. So this isn’t just a post dedicated to any food, it’s dedicated to chocolate; and since I am not one to do things half way, this is a picture of chocolate.

Chocolate fudge to be exact. Home-made even. What happened here was that I got such a craving for sticky sweet chocolatey fudge that I made some myself. All you have to do is mix some butter, marshmallows and chocolate in a pan. No I do not know in what quantities, I kind of just throw them in and see how it works out but it’s best to start off with a little bit of butter otherwise it just oozes out of the fudge. Let everything melt and then mix it well together on low heat. Then take it out, pour the mixture into a bowl or a plate and let it harden. To get it properly solid it will need to go into the fridge for a while. As it turns out, at this attempt I was craving fudge so badly that I did not go out and buy plain milk chocolate, I used the one at home which had nuts in it. Needless to say, my nutty fudge turned out to be a gooey delight.

A couple of days ago, I got such a craving for Nutella (that wondrous hazelnut chocolate spread) that I spread it on two slices of bread for dinner. Another diet-busting idea I had was to add nutella to my afternoon fruit snack. So I had strawberries dipped in nutella.

If you’re feeling like you’re on a sugar high after reading all that, here’s a picture of a slightly healthier snack I made. It involves cutting up whatever fruit I find and adding nuts and double cream. Yes I actually ate that without adding chocolate chips.


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