I am so very blessed to live in Geneva and consider myself Genevoise. I love the diversity of this place and the ease with which different people mix. I went to a new salon the other day to get my eyebrows waxed. The owner turned out to be this lovely Tunisian lady who wasted no time in asking me who had recommended her and then making all the connections with people we knew in common. She then continued to gush over Pakistan. It turns out she had lived for three years in the 80s in Islamabad and travelled to the cities and the Northern areas. She mentioned Lake Saiful-muluk, the food, the small local food joints, the naan, the milky tea. She said that it was the most beautiful country in the world. She also said her son was born there. I was so pleased at Pakistan receiving so much praise all in one go that by the time the appointment was over, I didn’t complain about the too thin and slightly uneven eyebrows.

I also recently met an old friend of mine who wouldn’t mind living there for awhile. His motivations are not entirely clear to me other than he likes exciting trouble-spots and I think he likes to see how people continue to lead normal lives in these places. He is obviously a journalist and is interested in the politics of the region. I guess I would have preferred it if he had wanted to move there for the wonderful quality of life one enjoyed there. But I will settle with praise of the past for the moment.


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  1. i know exactly what you mean. these things make me happy too- and glory reflected of the past present or future- who cares? it means we have it in us to tap – inshallah one day!

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