The weather and other trivialities

Summer is finally, truly, unmistakably here. It took a long time coming, and man was the winter bitingly cold, but it is here to make up for all that. Now for some reason, I seem to not remember the searing heat in Geneva. Possibly because I have been deprived of it since I spent some of my summer in London where I hoped and prayed that the weather would crawl up into the high 20s so I could have an excuse to sit in the sun in the park. Also, I have no memory of the heat from the last summer in Geneva either. True, the sun has always been intense here, you can feel it beating down and it tans you very quickly, but the inside of the house used to feel cool despite no air conditioning. This year, I would really like at least a ceiling fan like in Pakistan.

The summer fun I was planning on having has been postponed at the moment. It is far too hot to go out during the day. When I have to get out, I try to shower before, leave my hair wet and then step out. Despite this, the 10 min walk from my house to the bus stop is enough to get me in a sweat. And to top it all off, this summer we are going on a long-weekend trip to Slovenia. I am super excited about that but I am bracing myself for the full days of walking around and sight-seeing in the heat, hats and sun-block and all. Last year, I remember we had gone to a small village-town in the Swiss mountains that was actually kind of cold.

Other than obsessing on how to beat the weather, I have been wedding planning one thing after another. It never seems to end. At this rate, I am hoping this wedding is gonna be some super organised event. And I wonder if on the day if I will retain my control-freak attitute and hitch up my lehnga and run off arranging things and barking orders. That will be funny and probably horrifying for my family.

I had some nostalgic periods when I wondered how in the world I was supposed to start a life from scratch. Will I make friends who can possibly match those I leave behind? Will I make it in the career that I so desire? Will I be happy setting up shop so far away from my family? Was I right in thinking this is exactly what I needed? I remember that all of last year, I longed to get a place of my own with my significant other. Even during the student days, I only did dorm living well for about 2 years. After that, I wanted to be as domesticated as possible despite sharing a house or a floor. I liked to cook for myself, arrange and personalise my space, want some quiet alone time, have friends over for dinner and re-arrange the living room. This as opposed to the care-free, partying life-style some other students led. Now that it is finally happening, I am excited, nervous and also in awe at God’s master-plan. Who would have thought? Maybe things will really fall in place there. Maybe more doors are opening there and what I struggled with here will be made easier there. Maybe for certain things, I will just function better in a couple. Maybe I will be more serene than when I was making it alone.

And for the twists and turns life throws at you only to give you exactly what you need when you least expect it, I have a song for you.


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