The one with the babies and puke

I seem to have something for attracting upset stomaches. Whether it is my own or those of the kids I baby-sit. And I don’t even baby-sit often. Some 10 years ago, an auntie left her two kids with me at my house and and of all things the older one puked on the floor and on my feet. Luckily I was wearing socks.

I should have taken that as a sign to never ever baby-sit. On my first day baby-sitting at my neighbour’s house today, the two year old puked during breakfast, all over his clothes, high-chair and the floor. And yes, some splashes got on my feet again. The poor thing threw up many times after that and most of the times, I managed to give him a bowl. But three times, I was too late and had to clean up after him. The house that the mom had left spotless was a mess. Two kids were jetlagged and ill. I had no idea that cleaning it up would also make me want to throw up. Literally. And to think mums have to wash bums. Apparently, it’s easier if it’s your own child but I’m not so sure.

Luckily, the mom came home early from work and I was relieved that she was so calm. I guess having kids means that you’re used to this sort of thing. Also her kids are just so lovely (yes I’m biased). She came and took care of the kids and sorted out the house. And she almost made it look effortless. In that aspect she reminded me of my mom, she had the super human mommy trait of being able to fix everything.


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