Ljubljana, the hidden paradise of Europe

I am not an authoritative guide to Ljublana, the capital of Slovenia, but having spent 2 days and 3 nights there, I felt I must give praise where it’s due. Slovenia is a fairly young country, gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. As such, I do not know of it being a widely known vacation spot, but I feel that it should be.

It’s capital is a lovely city that has a very artsy vibe and a charming city centre. It has a large student population, it’s university being ranked the 37th in Europe. Lovely cobbled streets make great walks along the river that is lined with cafes and restaurants and nice quaint buildings. The food is especially good and there is plenty of variety. During our stay there, we had Chinese, Greek and Mexican. We had a breakfast in bakery that served us croissants and pains au chocolat fresh from the oven along with frothy capuccino and tea. The next day, we had a full breakfast meal, of eggs, toast, different spreads and freshly pressed orange juice. The food is very reasonably priced and the decors are very artsy and sometimes daring or different. One of the restaurants we went to was owned by an artist who named his place ‘son of a bitch’ in Spanish. Most importantly of all, the people were all extremely friendly. I don’t think I have come across such helpful people in all of Europe and they all spoke English!

Have I mentioned everything there is to do and see? Definitely not. There is a castle on a hill, museums, markets, etc. Do I strongly recommend it? Definitely yes. Here are some pictures to convince you.


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