Another dancing post

Why do I go to events where I know practically no one and act all hyper and dance like I’m on drugs? I don’t know. I think the not knowing anyone helps take the pressure off. Also, not wearing shoes helps a lot in the crazy jumping department. Last night, I attended my first Garba event and it went super. I still have no idea what we were celebrating, all I know is that it was an occasion to dress like a Bollywood star and dance. When we arrived at the hall, women, men and children of all ages were doing the dandiya dance. It is actually very nice to watch and it also seemed as if everyone was in rythym since the sound of the danidiya clicking was synchronised. Wow. D had wandered off so I talked a complete stranger into being my partner and teaching me. She was an incredibly sweet girl in collège who actually thought I was her age and yes I am very proud of my mingling skils. On my first attempt, I messed up the rythym quite a bit but caught on soon enough. Later on, D and I completely let our hair down and did all the crazy dance moves to songs new and old.  And that is why, I would like to say from now on that I am a good dancer. I have received a few compliments from time to time in my life on my dancing but I find them very hard to accept. I always think it’s just a fluke. It takes a conscious effort to stop the self-critical and judgmental voice in my own head and dancing like crazy is a great way towards self-acceptance. So from now on, I’m a good dancer.


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