Fading Mehndi

Two tired, in-love, newlyweds wait in transit for their next flight. The past few weeks excitement and the jetlag finally taking its toll on them. The girl is wearing jeans and no make-up, the fading henna patterns on the girl being the only signs of her being a new bride. The French manicure is still holding on but there is still no wedding ring on either of their hands. Neither of their rings had fit the other and it became the most ignored detail of their Pakistani wedding that continued to baffle non-desis.

Parts of the run-up to the wedding were overwhelming. Trying to get my packing done and sorting out other details whilst being pulled in all directions by people. But mainly it was heart-warming to see how many people got together for my wedding and helped make it special. My cousin and bhabi were tireless and amazing even though they have children of their own. My friends were amazing. My sisters were incredible. I remember on S’s engagement party, her sister M was encouraging people to dance and then doing some jiggy on her own. Funny how it is the sisters of the bride who have to lead the show and they step up to the task as if they had been practising all along. We haven’t even been to many Pakistani weddings but somehow my sisters knew that at the mehndi they were the stars. Any reluctance or hesitation I had sensed earlier was gone. I’ll have a hard time matching up to their performance when it’s my turn to be the bride’s sister.

What can I say about newlywed life other than it is awesome. I had not imagined that I would wind up with such a caring and thoughtful guy who is great at everything he does. He knows how to take care of the tiniest details, and aren’t women just crazy about detail? From a limo waiting for us on our arrival at the airport to making a list of the timings of my favourite TV shows he has it all covered. I just pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.


5 thoughts on “Fading Mehndi

  1. you got married!! wow !! seems like ive been under a rock these last 2 months- much mubarak and many happy returns of the day (birthday style)

    loved this post reminded me of my own weddingy moments- i must admit in hindsight its all so amazing 😀
    looking fwd to reading more- and catching up th elast few posts

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