Missing London

London and I have had a somewhat tumultuous affair. Since high school, it was the place I aspired to go and study. That part of the dream came true. I was awed by its universities, its diversity, the social scene, the music scene… and of course, the romance. The chance that somewhere in its dense population, I might find ‘the one’. Those dreamy but windy walks on bridges, the shiny lights, those views from the student housing and LSE rooftops, those nights spent in clubs and student parties, those times spent walking around in heels to go to a bar, to pick up a friend, to catch a cab, to find an open food joint, that crazy fashion sense that seemed far too messy and unstructured for my Swiss taste. Even though love I did not find, I found plenty of emotions to go along with my experiences; the consuming emotions that London seemed to intensify with its stories and architecture. It came to the point where I wasn’t too sure about London anymore. So eventually, unable to make it in London financially, I left.

Love came much later and it brought me to… the East Coast. Just near enough New York to tempt me with its bright lights, big bridges, small apartments and small island. I still love these metropolitan cities although I am more daunted by them, but I also realise that I miss London terribly. So maybe it is time to give New York a chance and get caught up in the emotion and the bright lights of another great city.

Camden High Street


2 thoughts on “Missing London

  1. Ugly Shoelace says:

    I am always a little confused about what place I like the best – London or New York! Then I settle on, erm, nothing because I would like to live at both places simultaneously. Doesn’t make sense, I know.

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