Golden Silence

I considered doing a post on my fascination with American TV or just plain old TV. Then I figured that most people are probably very used to TV and have not recently joined the ranks of TV viewers. Yes I confess, I have never in my life watched much TV. A little TV yes, not a lot. The reason is that I have never had this certain combination of things at my disposal all at the same time. At present, I actually have a nice flatscreen TV, a nice sofa in front of it, free time and cable with about a 100 channels. So I watch when I’m bored, lazy, annoyed, when I can’t think, when I can think but don’t want to, when I have work to do but would like to have something on in the background, when I want to procratinate, when I switch the TV on and see something that I might like to watch, when I switch the TV and spot something I must watch. Sometimes the inside of my head is telling me, “This is ridiculous, crazy, boring; why would people put that on TV?” but I feel myself getting sucked into watching, which pretty much answers my question as to why it’s on TV.

ANYWAY, that said I have been watching reruns of SATC and I have come to thinking many things my younger self didn’t when she first watched the show. First of all, Carrie isn’t half as annoying anymore. I actually noticed her muscled abdomen for the first time around and concluded that the show was unbelievably unrealistic in terms of body image. I mean SJP clearly lived at the gym and consumed nothing but protein drinks. Which is fine except that she didn’t play the part of the girl who did that, she played the part of a smoking, drinking, pizza eating, never-exercising, New Yorker. Now that my stomach isn’t a chiseled board, I doth protest. Other than that I am quite enjoying it. Who knew the 90s were so funny and you could just get nostalgic about the early 2000s?

Which brings me to another observation. TV is also a constant reminder that things used to be different and hence that things won’t stay the same as they are now and hence we’re all getting old. I mean SJP aged in front of our eyes and you can see it all in a flash. Whoah. And you can watch old movies and gawk when you recognize old actors in their youth. So now I can obsess about our collective (and my individual) mortality… and impending wrinkles.

Of course sometimes it’s nice to just to turn the thing off. Then I can notice other sounds like doors closing, keys turning, cars on the street and the refrigerator humming. Also, sometimes it’s nice when I’m alone to just pull up a chair at the dining table and place a plate their nicely and eat in silence.


2 thoughts on “Golden Silence

    • sharbet says:

      Yes do try it out and see if you like it and start from the 1st season. During my exams, I had DVDs of it and I used to watch an episode at the end of the day sometimes to get my mind off things. But don’t do that during exams if you’re likely to get addicted to it and watch it all the time!

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