In Texas!

I have been travelling the past week folks! HD and I went off to Houston, his hometown. I think I have recommended some unusual travel destinations on this blog. I mean who in the world would enjoy a trip to Houston, Texas? Well the answer is anybody and everybody. Ideally you’d want to go in the spring or fall. We went in February and got lucky as the city had warmed up to temperatures in the 20s C. Not that it gets very cold here to begin with but still, I got my perfect Karachi winter weather right here. I had been a bit rueful that I didn’t get to go to Karachi this winter but the Houston trip made up for it. On arrival at the airport, the same humid air greeted us as we stepped outside. We quickly adjusted though as it wasn’t that hot.

So as a Houston novice, the first thing I noticed was the space. Due to the vast amount of land available, the highways are wide; they criss-cross over and around each other making loops around the city and cutting across it. The buildings in the downtown area are large and imposing, and the Uptown District boasts the huge touristic shopping mall, the Galleria which has about 3 million square feet of space. So folks, when I took my first steps inside it, I stepped straight into Neiman Marcus’ shoe section. It was quite a shock as I hadn’t heard of that store before nor had I ever been surrounded by so many designer shoes. (I know, I make Geneva sound like a tiny village.) Prada, Chanel, Manola Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Dior, YSL, my head was spinning. So I tried on the most pink pair of Jimmy Choos I could find with the biggest bow. The bow can’t be seen in the picture below but they were so pretty that the women trying on shoes in front of me started admiring them.

I’m going to skip over all the other places to visit in Houston and fast forward to the food pictures. We went to a Persian restaurant called Kasra that served delicious food. If I can figure out how to cook chicken like that I might actually start eating it again happily. (I don’t like chicken.) The meat platter was great and so were the different types of rice with the dried pomegranate flakes.

Other finds include the Chocolate Bar in Rice Village which has different kinds of chocolate, candy and cakes in a very quirky and fun setting. I aso discovered Mungo which is a Mongolian restaurant with a pretty sweet concept. You choose all your ingredients, filling up your bowl with the fresh meat, veggies, sauces and spices for your dish and have it cooked right then. Here’s my bowl.

I’ll finish with a picture of Houston at night-time from wikipedia since I wasn’t able to take a half decent picture from a moving car at night. The views were indeed gorgeous.


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