I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl yesterday and was once again immersed in the repetitive story lines and the repetitive pattern of the episodes that always conclude with a fancy party. As much as I concentrate on the clothes, I also wonder about a few other things. For the amount of drama that goes on in the characters’ lives, GG is a fairly painless show. By that I mean, the charcters don’t really show any raw emotion as a reaction to their troubles. With the exception of Chuck, all the characters seem to keep a certain composure as their family/friends betray them, they are faced with prison time, etc. I suppose that’s because GG isn’t supposed to be that heavy or intense a show. If they showed more realistic emotions, the characters would spend all their time in therapy recovering.

It’s the fights that seem the most unrealistic. Serena (Blake Lively) delivers her lines coolly to her mother when she finds out that her mom did someting terrible. No screaming, no ‘wtf were you thinking’, no raised voices, no tears. Sometimes there are turned heads, sad faces, stares, a few poignant words, and we are done. I used to have a friend who swore to me that every family argument in his house involved throwing things around. Even though I considered that to be an exaggeration, it seemed believable to me. GG needs some good old fashioned screaming, arms waving, slammed doors and tears. Heartbreaks should be more destructive with the character at least falling behind on the season’s fashion trends and at worst becoming a social recluse and getting kicked out of university due to poor grades.

Blake Lively’s performance in The Town was far more believable. That was a great movie, and without giving too much away, I really liked her performance and sympathised with her character. It’s an interesting movie because you mainly sympathise with the main character (played by Ben Affleck) and the girl he falls in love with, and you silently root for him to get out of the mess he’s in and be with her. At the same time, you feel bad for Blake Lively’s character who’s been in love with Ben all her life, but he doesn’t think much of her as she has the same messy background as he does. She even has a small daughter that he denies is his. I think Blake Lively plays this one brilliantly and aptly does the screaming, crying and drinking. I recommend it if you haven’t seen the movie already.


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