An Ode to May

I am a summer girl. I think I have said that many a time. Nothing makes me happier than stepping out on cool summer evenings in a summer dress to meet friends. That time of the day when the heat lets up and it becomes bearable to walk around in a cool breeze. The lights of the city in the evening that I can finally enjoy without freezing or wanting to go inside. Walks by the Thames or Lac Leman. Shawls around bare shoulders, twinkling lights. Walking out in the morning brightness, sheilding my eyes from the sun, looking down with a smile on my face. No need to blow-dry hair anymore, I can step out with wet hair confident that it will dry quickly. The beachy messy wavy hair that I can FINALLY have, it’s a look that only works in warm weather for me. Pool, sun, grass, sand, pavement, the feet get to feel it all.

Ofcourse, there’s an accompanying nostalgia with May. That, or a feeling that something is coming to an end and something new is beginning. Largely, associated with exam times, end of school years, graduations, summer plans and goodbyes to friends. I guess it has been only two years that I have been out of that system so May still holds its power over me. I felt a rush of it as my swimming trainer shook my hand good-bye and told me that he has just finished high school and is going to college in the fall, so he won’t be teaching next year. It reminded me that it is an important time for some people as they wrap up their school affairs, attend their final classes and year-end parties. Ah those year-end parties. Me? I am going for new beginnings. Not really wrapping up anything in particular, just discovering the area in spring/summer. It has become incredibly lush and pretty and it’s hard to believe that this was the same place covered in gray and snow a few months ago. I am making new friends and hopefully starting a new job soon. I have two holidays planned and some new ideas to implement. This is also HD and my first summer together on the same continent (and married!) so it feels particularly new and exciting.

If this post wasn’t enough to put you in the summer mood, go outside, lie down in the grass, under a tree preferably, plug your headphones in and listen to this song. Alternatively, drive through countryside with the windows down and this song playing. And if you can’t do either right now, just pretend that you are.


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