I was thinking about giving some more unasked for advice to my sister the other day. I’m convinced she wouldn’t like to hear it and I decided to give up on trying to make her jump excitedly at the thought of my advice and just give it anyway. Who likes uninvited advice anyway? Like chores, judgment and criticism, it’s down there on the list of things you least want to hear from other people. What is good about getting advice from your parents after a certain age though, is that generally you can tune it out. You may listen politely but do exactly what you want. The parents only get to express themselves, which is fine; after all, we’re all about freedom of expression. I’m still amazed with this new found power of ignoring parental wishes and all hell NOT letting loose (another perk of marriage). I guess I will get my own back when my own kids are grown and have decided that my views are obsolete and/or irrelevant. Then I will just make it a point to say ‘I told you so’ every time I am proven correct.


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