I remember when I was newly in uni and had a very bitchy older friend showing me the ropes. She used to remark on how the weirdest girls ended up having boyfriends and how she was still single. Snarkiness aside, I do remember sometimes thinking what in the world one person saw in the other, or how they could put up with certain traits that were the complete opposite of what they were. I guess it’s an animal called marriage or committed relationship. I am still surprised when HD bends over backwards when I am being a complete party-pooper, have a headache or don’t feel like I can do something or go somewhere. Instead of getting frustrated with me as anybody else as energetic as him would, he agrees to forgo the movie, that restaurant or that trip for me. I am still amazed at why he would want to hang out with the person with the no-fun attitude sometimes as opposed to going ahead with the other friends. I’m still surprised to find somebody on my side even when I’m being unreasonable. I guess there’s something about marriage that makes you throw your lot in with that person and stick through it even when it makes no sense. Which in this case works for me!

I have also discovered what it’s like to be less than impressed with friends’ partners. Their random flings and temporary partners was one thing. Now we’re talking marriage and some of these people just don’t seem good enough for a lifetime of hanging out with us. I just met one boyfriend who seems to be ridiculously immature and annoying and clearly I can’t tell her to dump his sorry ass. I guess we’re even since my friend can’t say anything about HD. We’ll go along this way, hoping to grow on one another eventually. Sigh.


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