Aas paas hai khuda

How strange that I am looking for God/spirituality in places I hadn’t before. The lack of centuries old traditions, the lack of conviction that our beliefs are the absolute truth, lack of community and it’s obligations, the lack of roots, imagined roots and imagined narratives. It’s like swimming and quite liberating but then my ever so structured mind feels the anxiety of being everything and everywhere and wishes for some limits, some parameters. They’re all made up anyway, why not make up some of my own? And then put God in there.

Funny how man-made songs take us to God, words and music written by humans and we feel the Divine. Maybe these people write it because they feel passionate about it and love creating music, maybe they do it for the money and hope it’ll pay the rent, or make them rich and famous; but here they are, the very words that God wanted me to know.

I went to a lecture on Legalism in Islam and Judaism in America and there it was, the words again, brilliant and making perfect sense. What is it about things I know being eloquently said, the Muslim speaker talking about the components of sharia and the Jewish one blowing us away by talking about pluralism, and wondering along with me, what the hell are we to teach our kids and at what age? Tell them that we have a monopoly on truth or tell them that there are many viable philosophies and we have much to learn from them, that people are all just trying to feel less like an insignificant cosmic speck in a huge universe. People are just trying to give it all some Divine meaning. And then are we to watch with our hearts in our mouths as the children go along on a path different from that of our truth? I never said it was absolute.


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