Sharbet on ageing

As I live the quintessential American Starbucks experience that has been exported around the world, I confess that I do enjoy it. Despite the fact that all I enjoyed of the specialty coffee was licking the caramel topping, I do enjoy spotting some artsy types eating a panini even in this corner of the world and listening to a strange violin rendition of MJ’s Annie are you ok. I probably won’t like it for long but for one evening, why not? I have experienced cafes in London where I don’t ever remember taking the laptop. They were mostly a toilet stop or a chance to get Nero’s truffle cheesecake. In Geneva, the Starbucks was a strange hiding place, where I could read and outlast many customers. Strange that in that city where I grew up, I didn’t know any other hiding places. But things change and here I am not to talk about coffee but ageing.

I coloured my hair for the first time in my life with the purpose of covering the white hairs on my head. I failed in that purpose as home jobs clearly don’t cut it when you have single strands here and there. Not enough for others to notice but enough to show up in the fringe framing the face. WTF? So here’s to a new resilience in the changes that occur and will continue occurring in the body. Instead of panicking, convinced of imminent death, I’ll just give in. It’s a part of life after all, hair will grey, joints will wear, back will ache. No matter the amount of sunblock, skin will wrinkle. If I’m living a healthy, full life I’m not going to avoid staining teeth from the tea, smiling and frowning, furrowing my brows, stubbing toes, catching cold, or get aching feet from high heels or long hikes. It’s a body after all and it allows me to do great things, so what if it shows a little wear and tear now?

And yes the irony of it all is that only 2 years ago around this time I wrote a post on feeling young and beautiful. Yes laugh it out, even I am amused.


2 thoughts on “Sharbet on ageing

  1. I think the ageing/younging is an ebb and flow. There are days when I feel the weight of every single coloured white hair on my head- and then there are days when my heart couldnt be younger in how it feels and acts 😛

    It really IS just a number- as the song very rightly said.

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