Hot chocolate, anyone?

New England feels far most itself in winter. It is almost as if it is really supposed to be a cold snowy place and it was trying on the hot summer just for fun. Now it’s back to its true self. I arrived here in autumn a year ago and I suppose that is why it feels so familiar to me. Or maybe I remembering those two years of childhood spent here, 20 years ago, the highlight of which was clearly going to a Halloween sleepover at Marianna’s house. She had a nice one story house where she lived with her Mom and older brother. Her Mom was very nice but her brother barely spoke to us girls. I don’t remember trick or treating but I do remember listening to scary stories by candle-light. They really weren’t very scary and as the bowl of grapes was passed around, the ones that represented the dead man’s eyes, I knew they were grapes. I think my Halloween costume was that of a crayon. I have no idea where my Mom picked that up. I had bright red circles painted on my cheeks, presumably with Amma’s lipstick, and a bucket for the treats.

Last year at this time I went shopping like crazy. After my fall wedding in a summer venue where the guests froze their butts off, I came to the US and raided Ikea and Target to furnish the apartment. It was glorious. Getting bare empty rooms to do what I wanted with and only one other person’s wishes to contend with.

A year later, I am sitting on the floor in my painted and decorated apartment drinking yummy hot chocolate as it snows outside. I am enjoying the freak weather for now anyway. Even though I love summer, I also love it when seasons change. Spring and autumn are both such exciting times. Fall is when school starts and spring is when it finally starts getting warmer and you know summer vacation is not too far off.


2 thoughts on “Hot chocolate, anyone?

  1. Abdullah Syed says:

    youre such a beautiful writer. like. .. you write from your heart. I love hot chocolate too. And winters.

    And I can only wish for an apartment of my own that I’ll someday decorate with furniture of my choice.

    • sharbet says:

      Thanks Abdullah! Very nice to hear from you. I realise you’re from Khi and clearly that is the reason why you love hot chocolates and winters. Personally, I love Khi winters, not real winters.

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