An update post the hot chocolate

So guess what happened pretty much within an hour of me posting the last post? What happens when you happily write about a snow storm outside and about sipping hot chocolate all cozily? The power goes out. No power, no heat, no mobile reception, no phones and no internet. I found some candles and figured out a way to ration them through the night. I bundled up to conserve heat and neatly folded away laundry by candle-light, thinking that if I must live without electricity, at least I have clean clothes to wear for awhile. I also planned to rescue HD from his workplace in the morning in case he didn’t come back. No point in checking up on people in the middle of the night is there? And with that I fell asleep.

The power came back 5 whole days later and I got back to the apartment a whole week later, having been a refugee at friends’ and family’s homes. Now it’s back to work and back to normality as the rest of the state has also pretty much recovered. I don’t think I have ever experienced this before here and it was pretty weird. I didn’t even have a chance to make my emergency bag like I had for Hurricane Irene last time. (The emergency bag never got used and it only had things like socks in it.) I guess the Americans are all dramatic for a reason, their power gets knocked out by hurricanes and fallen trees.


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