Je n’ai pas l’habitude de m’occuper des cas comme ça

By some twisted law of nature, I encountered delay after delay on my flights to Geneva this time. I had left for the airport that morning feeling so calm and ready and well-packed. I thought it would be a breeze, my trip wasn’t too long, just one connection and I had a plan for how I would get over jet-lag when I arrived so I could take advantage of each day. For once, I hasn’t rushed to get the packing done. All I can say is that at least the trip started out that way. In addition to missing flights because of the delays, the airline lost my luggage and I had to wait nearly an hour to get picked up from the airport when I did arrive.

Then for the return trip, I didn’t feel ready at all. I came down with the flu a couple of days before and didn’t get done with everything that needed to be done. In the morning of the flight I got up ready to finish packing only to realise that my flight had been cancelled. It may be a good thing for the extra time, or bad for the extra stress to make the important appointments I have upon my return. All I know is that airlines generally and United Air specifically will screw you over unless you call them up and tell them that you do not just want to be dumped onto one flight after another. Also demand compensation. And if you actually get it, let me know how. Bah humbug.

On another note, the first thing I did when I realised that I wasn’t heading out the door to make my flight was listen to the song that has been running through my head for the past couple of days.



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