Into your heart I’ll beat again

Have I posted this song before? Dedicated to me by a past boyfriend, I now dedicate it to an old friend. This song has pretty much stood the test of time. Even now, when I am out and about and hear it on some radio somewhere, I always strain to catch it. This crazy stalker song.

That feeling of being wound up and tense and so so alone was back and as much as I racked my brain I couldn’t find a repere or a defined point. And then I got on skype with my friend whom I haven’t spoken to properly in so long and it was just belonging again. As she opened up and described a rough time, I was right there in that world, a part of her tears and mine. I could see the role I played, the tea I made for her, the comforting hug I gave. I could see the comfort it gave me to be there. Through that skype window I saw it all and felt the touch. I didn’t even get to the point of talking about my disconnect because it didn’t exist anymore. The skype picture brought me home.


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