Dream of Californication

It was awesome. I am not feeling as inspired anymore but I have to say I loved our California vacation. I guess it was just like in the movies except that I was too busy to notice that.

I love love love Northern California. I could live and die there (whatever that means). It feels like the edge of the world. The most Western point on the map. Everywhere I need to be and everyone I love is so far from there. And yet I would happily settle there. The thought makes me feel guilty and I didn’t lost the sense of being far away but it felt so good and homey at the same time. Movies I tell ya.

We went to the Napa Valley, San Francisco, Berkeley, Menlo Park, and we were passing in front of the Facebook building and only noticed it at the last minute. I swear it’s the edge of my world but it felt like it was its source. Yes I know how that sounds. Stanford University is like a resort. I checked out the law school, it seemed like the ideal vacation spot. Why oh why did I do my studies in rainy London?

We didn’t get a drop top for the Pacific Coast Highway drive but we were in a Prius so that was nice. We saw hard core hippies, vegans, fair trade activists and environmentalists. Oh and an IT guy. I also love love love that California is so advanced in terms of environmental protection. I love that they charge you for plastic bags and I love that if you are asking to taste an ice-cream flavor at an ice-cream shop first, they’ll give you a regular spoon to taste with not a plastic one to throw away. They collect them back and wash them. How fucking hard is that oh rest of the world? Collect your trash in your own living room why don’t you. I digress…

LA was dusty, dirty, hot and crowded. I didn’t get to see much wealth and celebrity, lacking those things myself. We did drive along Mulholand Drive and the Hollywood Hills and the song “She’s so Hollywood” kept playing in my head. It was fun but I felt like you had better loved your art and have passion for it to deal with the shit here. Imagine moving here and living in this shit-hole hoping you’ll make it one day and get to move on to the Hill.

It was definitely one of my most memorable vacations ever, I think I am absolutely digging this discovering the US thing. A couple of things I came away with:

A week away is enough to get both HD and me recharged and raring to get back home. We were both feeling pretty inspired by then and didn’t need the extra 3 days. Future vacations need not be so long especially if not going too far.

I was barely on fb and spent a lot less time feeling good/bad/sad/angry/weird about stuff on there. Came back with a resolution to only check it twice a day. I’m kind of sticking to it, although it is an epic fail sometimes. But not all the time.

It IS inspiring to instagram. That savior of all ugly and pointless photos makes you feel like a Picasso (or whoever your preferred brand of artistic genius is). I must continue to do more of this in regular life.

Vacationing is also like a forced break from my to-do list which I am always running over in my head. It’s really a bad habit and one that I should really work on. I’ve got to practice letting go and enjoying the moment like I do when I’m away from home. Or just take a quick weekend getaway to clear my head. Whatever.


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