Things have changed, that is to say the least. I am writing to procrastinate which means that I really must not want to work. I am sitting in so hipster a café in Brooklyn that I had trouble finding it initially because it didn’t have a sign in front of it. Also, I just ordered in French and two of the four walls have exposed brick and bookshelves in them. All this ‘ natural style’ feels so pretentious that I feel embarrassed. But I should back up and take you back to that late summer day.

One day late in the summer, HD confirmed that he got the NY job.  After that, I swear everything hung in the most perfect happy balance for a few days. It was warm but not humid, the sky bright and the breeze cool. I remember the work tour that we took and then we sat outside in a local café eating burgers with locally sourced ingredients. That’s when we told our friends, we’re moving to New York! Blog readers know that I have wanted to move to a bigger city for a while and the excitement of NY and the change in the air was just too much. It was like a heady dream.

And then the change happened. I walked in to my office building to find a trail of leaves taking me from the entrance right to my office door. When did the leaves start falling? I wondered surprised. At lunchtime I found more evidence of autumn when I walked back outside to see the ground littered with tiny yellow leaves. The trees that lined the sidewalks were shedding.

Since then in a few months, autumn has come and almost gone. The trees turned all different shades to show their fiery magnificence, a soothing sight as we did some stressful trips back and forth from Connecticut to New York. I said goodbye to my boss and spent an emotional day confused and trying to get over it. I drove from my previous home to the new one in Brooklyn for the first time and felt proud. And it doesn’t end here. Getting used to city life and my handicap here is still an issue. What I wouldn’t give to let loose here. To walk out one day without having to think about the pain and factor it in to my day. I also missed my big apartment from before and imagined myself in the comfort of my old bedroom sometimes. I don’t do that anymore though, I move on quickly. Even when the sounds from the crazy neighbor go particularly crazy, I calmly consider making plans to drive to New Jersey to stay with family while we wait to get our new apartment yet again. Ah more change. Finally, this is what I’d been waiting for all along.


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