Three things

I have three things to share today, and I can’t decide which is the best thing. First of all, I am finally in to One Direction. I guess I like a couple of songs but mostly I like their style. Whilst watching the video below I was mesmerized by their awesome clothes. How does one get the male of the species to actually dress like that? I am loving the mix of the woolen scarves and the tweed and the plaid and the preppy. It’s funny that I think they’re cute. At their age I appreciated boy bands’ music a lot more than their looks. I loved Take That but I really can’t say any one of them is good looking. I didn’t even crush on any of the Backstreet Boys or Leonardo di Caprio who was the star of my school experience.

Secondly, I found the world’s best lookbook online. I know that’s making a big statement but I’ll stick by it. I know there are many style blogs and lookbooks out there but this is simply the best if you are a woman who works and lives in a city with somewhat the temperature of London. The looks feature Pippa Middleton and quite frankly, I was never that in to her and never understood what all the fuss was about. I still don’t. These pictures of her though are the most practical and awesome and wearable celebrity looks I have ever seen. The shoes aren’t impossible and are chosen for someone commuting on a train (which she presumably does), there are usually coats, jackets and blazers involved to guard against the chilly weather, and finally, there’s nothing ridiculous. If I still lived in London, I could probably wear exactly what she is wearing without having to change a thing. It’s a no-brainer.

Finally, I can’t remember third thing I wanted to show you guys originally. :s For now, I am going to with a lookbook of Kate Middleton’s top 100 outfits. I only came across this today and I know that she is a fashion icon and I am so late in realizing this, but I think I can repeat it. Her look is very streamlined and lovely and I really think most people could pull it off. They may not have an occasion to wear these ball gowns though and most of her dresses are for warmer weather. Rightly so because these pictures of her were taken all over the world and she probably does not need a warm coat as she isn’t taking the tube to work like Pippa.

Update: I posted the wrong One Direction video initially. The awesome clothes they’re wearing are in this one.