The Breakfast Series

One of my more recent discoveries is figuring out how gyms make money and why trainers are really experienced salesman. My first encounter with a trainer was in guise of a ‘free assessment’. Here I was asked to remember the last time I remembered feeling healthy, energetic and perfectly happy with how I looked. I was also asked to think back to the last 10 years of keeping my weight and diet in control. Touch√© sir. I can tell you the exact memories and scenarios, I guess many people can. Then I was made to realise how incapable I am of turning this around and actually meeting my fitness goals on my own. On a piece of paper, he even drew abs for me. I told him those didn’t look like mine but probably much more like his; a statement he did not deny. Clearly I need a trainer to help me pump iron so I don’t get bored doing it and also to keep my from living a life of disappointment and struggle.

At the moment though, I cannot bring myself to accept his proposition of help and a wonderful life. Working out with a trainer will remain a dream for now. What I have been working on is trying to sort out my diet on my own. It turns out that I am lactose intolerant. Don’t laugh at me, chances are quite high that you are lactose intolerant too. It is far more common than I had realised but luckily not harmful. On top of that, I am trying to avoid gluten too. A year ago I didn’t even know what gluten meant and I am still trying to figure it out. If I buy into the hype, I would believe that it will not only help digestion but also solve every other problem in my life. It always comes down to food, doesn’t it?¬† Don’t believe me? Google it.

Despite those limitations on my diet, here are a series of breakfast photos that I have seriously enjoyed. Breakfast is still my favourite meal of the day and it photographs so nicely especially when travelling.

HD’s ommelette upon my return

Dinner at my friends’ flat in Geneva (ok so this isn’t beakfast)

Scone, jam and green tea at Dublin Airport