I heard your heart sang love love love

Is this the only month I write a happy and optimistic post? Possibly. Not because the rest of the summer goes downhill after that but because I probably get far too busy and lazy enjoying it. So this post isn’t about anything in particular, just an amalgamation of things that I like. First of all, I just finished watching season 4 of Mad Men and it was so awesome. I love the show and I also just love the style of that era. The way things looked just perfect and of course the show makes everything look beautiful, the women’s hair, their clothes, their struggles and triumphs. I wish I remembered more of the 80s but I don’t remember the things like the style and the feel of the era. I remember the 90s really and I long for them even though I know childhood and adolescence weren’t particularly easy.

Anyway, back to Mad Men, I’m listening to a Man Men playlist and just checked out these black and white shots from the set of the show. So lovely. And here are a few lovely things I’ve been up to.

Trying to pick a nailpolish

A wedding in the park

Our bikes resting while we rest

Pumpkin pie and chocolate cake