A Moment of Calm

Today I am having a moment of calm. Possibly the calm before the storm but compared to last weekend and the weekend before that and hell, the weekend before that, this feels nice. The kitten is all tired out and snoozing on & off after terrorizing us most of this morning, the laundry is done, my share of the cleaning is done. HD is calmly doing his work and hasn’t seemed to notice that we are doing jack all for Halloween. I am moving on with my work, slowly but at least moving on slowly today instead of tomorrow! Also not feeling the panic and less of the pain.

Some moments that I wanted to remember:

The day I got my kitty and we brought her home and put her in a small corner blocked off by the screen and she was running around purring like a motor boat, all excited. She was excitedly biting a little here and there too and I remember being stressed out those days. Wtf is up with this little animal? Now having been bitten and scratched and returning the favor (okay not really) we have settled on a new normal of physical contact. I remember seeing my number on her tag and feeling a sense of pride and ownership. If this little baby gets lost, I get called because it’s mine.┬áNow I can wipe it’s silly face and caress its paws and pick it up with one hand but I have yet to cut its nails. It’s actually getting too big now for a one hand pick, but I can still hold her with one arm.

Switching the lights on in the bedroom as dusk fell today and looking out the window. The bedroom looked nice and cozy, HD and the kitty were sleeping, I was trying to read and everything felt nice and still. Everything is okay.